Here at Luna we are on a constant journey of self exploration. We strive to inspire others to live fully and love themselves deeply. We want to shine a light on the beauty that lies within each of us and show how we have the power to radiate this into the world.

Hi I’m Victoria, the mind and soul behind all that is Luna. I’m a 23 year old midwesternite with a serious passion for sweatpants and brunching. My hobbies include hanging out with my cat and spending hours aimlessly walking through Target. Just kidding… maybe.

Almost two years ago now I started my first blog, Simply Victoria. As much as I loved it I found myself unmotivated and searching to find a purpose. And that’s how Luna was born. I’m starting my own journey of self exploration and wanted to share that with the world.

So please, join me on this journey. Let’s explore and shine together.