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I am beyond giddy to share with you LUNA's first Badass Babe, Lindsey Cherek. Not only is Lindsey a dear friend of mine, she is an inspiration for all women alike. Lindsey is currently attending UW-Stout as a Painting Major. Her main focuses and passions are feminism and LGBTQ experiences, specifically those who are misrepresented or need visability and empowerment. Check out some of Lindsey's work below as well as a some advice from her on how to become your own Badass Babe. 

 Stay up to date on what Lindsey is up to on her Instagram:  @lindseycherek

Stay up to date on what Lindsey is up to on her Instagram: @lindseycherek

-What inspires you as an artist?

People. People are absolutely fascinating. I think the most inspiring thing somebody can do is be their authentic selves. (That is also the bravest thing somebody can do.) When somebody is their true self, you can absolutely feel it. It’s unavoidable. The person glows, they radiate--and that energy reaches me and makes me want to paint. I feel the need to honor that bravery in my art. I want people to feel represented and visible when they look at my art. Like yes, I see you and all your love, and the world deserves to see you too.

-What has shaped you to be the woman you are today?

I was incredibly privileged to come from a family full of strong, stubborn, loving women. I learned humility and selflessness from my mom--she has the biggest, kindest heart of anybody I have ever known. I learned hard work and persistence from my grandma--she was a businesswoman, a leader, and a great listener. She raised me to believe that if I have ambition, I can do anything. I learned how to go with the flow and accept no bullshit from my aunts. They demonstrated strength and independence for me. I connected so closely with my cousins in the sense that we were all learning and growing together, and they would always push me to be myself, however that looked like and whatever that meant for me. Through unconditional love and support, the women in my family shaped who I am and continue to inspire me to be myself and love myself.

Advice for anyone on the journey of self exploration?-

  1. Trust yourself! Listen to your intuition and follow it. Sometimes you might not understand why you are doing something, but I’ve found that eventually you’ll find answers to the important things, and the things left unanswered aren’t all that important.

  2. Take care of yourself and treat yourself. I take myself on dates. I’ll spend the day in an art museum, or maybe check out a small business I haven’t been to before. I like to always have a playlist or an album to be kind of the soundtrack of my day/life (right now it’s a lot of Sufjan Stevens & Banks!) and I pay attention to what I’m drawn to and what I connect to throughout the day. Enjoying my time alone is really important to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love sharing my days with other people--but I have to give myself the same kind of time and energy.

  3. TAKE RISKS AND DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT. The best thing I’ve ever done on my journey to self-exploration was literally taking action to follow my dreams. At 19 years old, I spontaneously moved to Southern California to attend school for printmaking and art history. I honestly had no idea why I wanted to live there or what SoCal had to offer, but it was the best experience I’ve ever given myself. It was on that adventure that I truly learned who I was and what was important to me. I explored my identity--as artist, as woman, as queer lover, as feminist. I learned how to live in the present moment and soak it all in. I took a risk and I found myself.