There's something to be said about feeling like you're apart of something bigger than yourself. To feel included and like you've found a home within a community. I've found that through yoga-specifically by joining a local studio. 

I first went to Latitude 44 Yoga Studio a little over a year ago. I watched a youtuber who was talking about barre and how it had changed her body. So I found a studio in town, asked a friend to join me and went to barre class. If you're not familiar with barre I'll tell you this-be prepared to sweat profusely and feel pain in every muscle of your body. Although I hurt for a week after class, I was hooked. I continued to go to barre class consistently for months-and it truly did change my body. 

It wasn't until a few months ago that I actually tried taking a yoga class at Latitude. For the longest time I thought, "Its just yoga, I want to sweat and get a workout. I won't get that from yoga". And let me tell you, I was so incredibly wrong. Latitude offers a variety of different classes, at different paces, with several incredibly talented instructors. You can start by taking a beginners class and work your way up to more advanced level classes. The instructors are all so kind and helpful in assisting with your journey. I think that's what makes the experience there so unique. 

Not only have I gained strength and mindfulness from Latitude, I have truly found a community. I've made friends with the other members and built relationships with the instructors. There's always a smiling, familiar face every time you would through the door. It is a truly magical studio that has changed my life. 

Now that you know how wonderful Latitude 44 is I'm giddy to share that over the course of the next few months I will be working with them on a regular basis to bring you educational posts and share my journey at the studio. Interested in checking out Latitude 44 for yourself? (Because you totally should) Use code LUNATRIBE online or in studio and receive TWO WEEKS of UNLIMITED classes for only $39. I would love to see your pretty, sweaty faces next to me in class. Click here to get signed up! 

I can't wait to bring you along on my journey with Latitude!