Hi! I'm Victoria..

I'm the mind and soul that is behind LUNA;  a space of personal ramblings, thoughts and inspirations I find on my journey of self love.  



If the title didn't give it away, I'm here to tell you that I feel like shit. Earlier this week I was ecstatic about every thing positive I had planned to write. As the week went on and life began to happen, my mood began to shift. I had a chat with a friend about how I was feeling. Her advice? Write a post about feeling shitty because we have truly all been here. The last thing I want to do is lead you all to believe that I live in a world full of rainbows and sunshine because that would be a massive lie. My life is far from perfect. Today I feel like shit. And that is perfectly okay. 

I don't need to get into the details about why I feel like shit because that would bore you. Sometimes we just feel like shit for no reason. And here's what I have to say about that. It happens. Feeling the highest of the highs and lowest of the lows is what makes us human. Its okay to feel like shit. What's not okay? Letting it control your entire life. The feeling will pass and all will be well again. 

When feeling down I think its incredibly important to find things to get you out of your funk. Below I've complied a list of things that make me feel better when I'm struggling to be positive.

1. Go to a yoga or a workout class. Thank you Latitude 44 for keeping me sane. 

2. Do a face mask. Oatfix from Lush is my all time fav. 

3. Binge on your favorite Netflix show. I've been OBSESSED with Blacklist as of late. 

4. Drink a bottle of wine and talk about life with your closest friends. Shoutout to my dear friends Tiah and Trevor for last night's chats about life, love and dryer sheets. I needed that. 

5. Retail therapy. I try not to go too crazy because that can get me in trouble but sometimes you need to #TREATYOSELF.

6. Read a motivating book. You Are a Badass changed my life. It's a MUST read. 

7. Get out of the city and gaze at the stars. I did this last night and it was incredibly helpful.

8. Start a journal. You can write literally anything. Just get it out. I just bought a self exploration journal called Start Where You Are

9. Go on Pinterest and look up self love/motivating quotes. I do this on the daily and have a giant board compiled of my favorite motivating quotes. You can find mine here

10. Scream. Kick. Cry. Laugh. Allow yourself to feel. 

My favorite part of this platform is my ability to be real, be honest and be vulnerable with you all. I think its important to show you the different sides of me because at the end of the day I'm really just human. I hope that by doing so I will help at least one person in helping the feel less alone.