Hi! I'm Victoria..

I'm the mind and soul that is behind LUNA;  a space of personal ramblings, thoughts and inspirations I find on my journey of self love.  



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Starting today I am making a commitment to myself. A commitment to love myself no matter what the circumstance. I am committing to one full year of doing only what I feel is best fit for myself. To doing only what feeds my soul and existence. A Year of Self Love.

I’m sure you all have questions so I’ll start with the basics. Why?

This isn’t my first commitment because truth be told I’m really good at commitments. But over the years what I’ve learned is that I tend to commit myself to others. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Unless you’re like me and give yourself away to people. In doing so I’ve given away parts of myself that I’ll never be able to get back. Right now I’m picking the pieces of my life up. Pieces that I didn’t break.

To the boy who broke me: Thank you. Thank you for showing me that all the love I was giving to you I should have been giving to myself. Thank you for teaching me that I am destined for so much more than the life we were building together. But mostly, thank you for leaving me and treating me like I had no worth. Because if you hadn't, I wouldn't have realized how truly magical I am. LUNA and this journey I'm creating for myself wouldn't exist. So this is goodbye, you are my past, and this is my future. 

This year is going to be full of high points. And I’m sure just as many lows. This year is going to be a journey of a lifetime. Exploring my true self. Finding out who I am 100% on my own. I think being alone scares people. We try to distract ourselves with people, drugs, etc. That's not healthy. We should focus on learning how to be truly alone and comfortable with ourselves.

This year is for me and only me. Self acceptance. Self motivation. Self love.

Let this glorious and terrifying year begin. I can't wait to have you all along for the ride.