Hi! I'm Victoria..

I'm the mind and soul that is behind LUNA;  a space of personal ramblings, thoughts and inspirations I find on my journey of self love.  



Sunday July 23rd marks the start of a new moon. I often find that when I'm feeling overwhelmed with certain feelings, the cosmos can explain it. So naturally I did a little research on whats going on and found that the the start of this new moon can give reason to it all. Allow me to explain. 

This new moon is all about seeking love, joy, the true pleasures of life. But at the same time taking responsibility for our actions. We are going to be asked to take ownership for how we are choosing to live. When I found out about this I was floored. As of late my reflections have been surrounded around what my life has become and who is in it. And yet again this could be explained by the cosmos. 

So as the new moon is dawning upon us I felt compelled to create some intentions. To sit town and really ask myself, how am I taking responsibility for my life? And where do I want it to go? 

1- The first and most important intention I want to set is to put myself above everything else. I often get caught up in others. In the thrill of being with people and feeling included.. I am committing to putting myself and the needs of my soul above my FOMO.

2-My second intention goes hand in hand with the first. And that is to slow down. To stop filling up my schedule only to breakdown in the middle of the week from being overwhelmed. I am committing to making plans that only serve my soul and my purpose. 

3-I intend to be more selective of who I spend time with. To really take a look at who I am surrounding myself with, how they are treating me and if its worth investing my time in. After all it's true that the people you surround yourself with are a reflection of ones self. Now I'm not saying that the people I surround myself now with aren't "worthy" because I think they are all fucking amazing. What I'm saying is I am committing to continuing to surround myself with only people who match the kind, loving, supportive souls I already have.

4-I am committing to focusing more on writing and my passions. To giving this beautiful website I have created more love. I'm not 100% sure where I want it to go yet. But I love writing from my soul and sharing that with you all. And I want to do more of that. I am going to do more of that. 

5-Lastly I am opening myself up to love. To the possibility of love in my life. This is a subject I'm very weary of talking about. But what I do know is that I am done closing myself off to the possibility. I've found love often comes your way when you are open and ready. I can't say for sure if I'm ready or not. I love this incredible life I have built for myself. But I know that being to open to love is important. Because who knows, maybe I'll fall in love with a man or a new passion. I am accepting of love coming my way in all forms. 

Here's to the new moon and the possibility of what life can be. Leo season is upon us. Watch out ;) 

With Love,


PS-I'm a Leo.